Nearly gave it all up to to rising costs

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Nearly gave it all up to to rising costs

Post by DaveB on Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:08 am

Hi All
Due to prohibitive costs, other commitments and needing a new boiler in January,after 16 years I thought about packing the hobby in. I then decided to conserve heat by turning off venturies, low returns, trickle tower & bubble bead, which I thought was for good.
The temp of the pond dropped below 10 deg for over 3 months with a minimum temp of 6 degs in febuary. I also turned off the RO system so the TDS gradually increased from 35 ppm to 81ppm ( tap water 70ppm). I am still trickling in 24/7 with purifiers only.
At the end of april I removed the covers and what a joy to behold after not disturbingthe koi ( not feeding ) for so long. I just did not have the heart to give it all up. So after giving everything a good clean, back flushing and steralizing ,ensuring nothing immediately went back into the pond, I started everything up again.
I have since bought a 3 kw titanium heater which I have just dropped in the vortex and is switched on a couple of hours a night which has gradually brought the temperature up to 15 degs.C. ( I remember the days when 14 deg C was the minimum the koi were ever subjected to.)
I know these practices are a bit controversial and I am not out of the woods yet, but I thought you guys might be interested to see how I am getting on as none of these koi have ever had a winter and some of them are 16 years old. They are currently very active and as yet no problems have developed.
Just as an after thought, as yet there is not one shred of blanketweed , whereas previously when heated I would have treated the pond usually at the beginning of may. I know this is probably due to the seasons being somewhat delayed temperature wise but I am still finding all this stuff interesting all the same, Hope you guys do too.I would be interested in any theories as to why no blankweed so far this year.
Best Regards Dave

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Re: Nearly gave it all up to to rising costs

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:36 am

Hi Dave Smile

Long time no speak Sweetie.

I Had a brief Cyanobacteria bloom the instant I took the cover off the Koi Vat (both Filamentous and suspended) which has arrested since but none is sticking yet despite being at 20C plus since December Shocked so I can relate to your financial worries.

My small WLP (Goldfish and also heated) has the beginnings of a BW bloom but is heavily Planted which I hope will offset this.

Temperatures make a significant contribution I feel having heated the WLP to transfer the GF from their indoor tank ... within just two days the Lilies had reached the surface despite it being Mid Winter.


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