Magic Bullet Treatment`s !

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Magic Bullet Treatment`s !

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:12 pm

I would never again advocate unless `Individual` Fish were in serious trouble .... and then isolate said Fish into a QT affording recovery  Very Happy

FRESH WATER/WATER/WATER/AIR/AIR/AIR as `pristine` as we can accommodate such is the ULTIMATE CURE-OF-ALL-ILL`S truly ...

Aggressive Chemicals such as `CHEMO`/TOXINS in general target every particle of both water plus organisms  Very Happy

Atomically we have barely scratched the surface of any of Life`s Elements ..Water/Air/Fire/Earth potentials which the rest of creation absolutely has down in spades .. so WILL protest vehemently when `BALANCE` is LACKING ... Tis that simple  I love you re keeping ourselves, or any other particle in existence ..... I love you


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