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Hi well here goes' my koi breeding has spanned  over 46 years boy and man ,with first attempts at SHUSUI and that was 40 years ago back in Grays in Essex England ,I was just eight  and had my first koi bought me for the grand sum of 49p a kin-kabuto a golden headed Ogon with dark sides and head
what  we call a ghost koi today after keeping her in a unfiltered concrete pond ! my pond went green and it was 1969 she grew well and by 1976 was now 16inches long ,that summer it was a heat wave and she jumped out ! .
Next day I found her on the lawn ! ,I placed her in a Aquarium and put salt in at 1oz per gallon ,and she had developed cotton wool fungus along her body ! a day later she had passed away over night !.
I was not put off by this and went out and bought my first Shusui for a grand total of £15 pounds which was a lot of pocket money and extra funds from helping my dad on building jobs and cleaning cars at the weekend !.
I soon got a few more Shusui and successfully bred 500 fingerlings the next year ! and I was hooked breeding koi and gold fish from then on !.
So here I am' breeding some more koi ,but in soft water here on the Gower I moved her nine years ago to be close to my family as my sister had moved here some thirty years ago ,so I had been a constant traveller to Swansea and the small town of Bishopston were my sister lived ,the soft water was ideal for fish breeding ,so I moved to upper killay and moved my breeding down to Wales !.
Since  then I have developed my own lines of koi and in 2011 first breed my own Ki Shusui line from Marusaka Midori goi and from my own line of Shusui from Essex .
So this is a new line project of my own line bred from Kumonryu and Ki Kumonryu ,I also did test spawns last year to make a Gin rin Kumonryu line and the test spawns showed me these fish had the right combination I needed to make this type as well !,so we will see if I manage to get the line into my hopes and dreams of breeding this type of koi in to a pleasing result ,last years test gave me some good fish and were very good grade so it looks good so far with a strong hatch is always a good sign ,as I used Doitsu with head to first ray dorsal scale lines , carrying the scaled gene ! .
this helps create a strong line and non lost to lethal genes as the eggs won't hatch as they die before hatching ,so this should be avoided ,as there is not much point breeding nude leathers together as they will also be weaker or have the dorsal fin distorted and twisted fins in most cases .
so here's a few photo's sop far hatched only four days ago ,spawned on the 31st of May 2015.
I will up date  as they grow . Very Happy

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Great History WOW!

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I can`t see any pics Sweetie ?

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