Epsom Salts ?

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Epsom Salts ?

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:03 pm

Much has been written about the many and various benefits of Magnesium Sulphate therapy ie the use of "Epsom Salts" for a number of Maladies in Aquaculture ? Monogenic Trematodes /Crustaceans (External) along with Spironucleus aka Hexamita (Internal) to name only a few ?

I must confess I am a now a Fan of these myself Very Happy since Paula Reynaulds ( via numerous telephone calls ) at the height of my "Unclassified Critter" nightmare Twisted Evil recommended such as a means of eradicating Parasites or their Progeny by Purgative/Laxative measures (from the gut) internally in a bid to prevent these surviving intestinal processes only to emerge unscathed and by default Re-Infect Twisted Evil

I Dip @ 6,000 ppm -ish Rolling Eyes for an hour ... recommendations for Dips of shorter duration are !

I have recently QT`d a Dropsied Koi Babe and decided to Dip her and Companion Friend prior to ...

Squash samples were retrieved from the Bath Water which microscopically revealed zero live organisms Very Happy for the first time ever .... I AM Impressed to put it mildly Shocked


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