Dawn Water Testing!

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Dawn Water Testing!

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:12 am

I awoke early (pre-dawn) Rolling Eyes so decided to take some `Water` Samples from the Koi Vat now that it has been covered for a few days.

PH =7.3

Ammonia = 0 ppm

Nitrite = 0.10 ppm Twisted Evil

Nitrate = 0 ppm

KH = 25 PPM

GH = 54 ppm

TDS/EC = 437 ppm/874 Us/cm

D.O = 11 ppm

Temp at Dawn down to 17.2

They still have approx 300 ppm salinity in there which I might increase until the wretched `Nitrite goes back down to zero Rolling Eyes 100 lpm Air plus splash is in situ atm...


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